Blue Rose.
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jennaravenn know your worth, then add tax.
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I'm a Blue Rose in field of Dandelions. I'm different, but won't let that stop me from success.

Blue Rose.

I'm a Blue Rose.

You can't ever compare me to anyone, it's disclosed.

I'm different.

I'm always reaching for the stars, striving for success. I won't ever give up even if that means stress.

These battles aren't easy, I can never win. I'm always losing and telling myself it's a sin.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I remind myself. I look into the mirror and can say, "I found myself".

I won't settle for less, I know my worth. I always add tax because that's just how it works.

I'm as real as it gets. I have never been a faux.

I'm a Blue Rose.

Case closed.

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