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This story will be about the cars and progress of their manufacturing

Causes of Car Accidents

Despite progress in car manufacturing, development of infrastructure, and strict laws and regulations, car accidents happen very often even in such a country as the United Arab Emirates.

It is evident that road traffic accidents increase dramatically worldwide causing injuries and deaths.

Each year, 1, 2 million people die because of car accidents, and 50 million undergo injuries.

In fact, it is possible to predict and prevent such outcomes taking into consideration the human factor, incorporating comprehensive road safety programs,

as well as strengthening laws and regulations related to driving.

Consequently, this research paper intends to analyze the causes of car accidents in general, identify the specific causes in the United Arab Emirates,

and describe the consequences of the accidents.

Causes of Car Accidents

The human factor is crucial when it is connected with road rage.

Moreover, they insist that it is necessary to include such aspects as inappropriate speed, fatigue, unintended blindness, alcohol, car design, having the conversation with a passenger,

and dazzle in aggravating or causing traffic accidents. Inappropriate speed is the most frequent risk factor worldwide that can result in deaths or injuries.

However, in most cases the high speed is not the single reason for the car accidents. Alcohol and drug abuse can also induce a driver to exceed the speed.

The sociologists predict that car accidents can become the fifth cause of all deaths in 2030. It means that the tendency to road rage is increasing.

Developing countries have a higher car accident rate due to the imperfection of infrastructure.

The car accidents can be attributed to drivers (94%), vehicles (2%), environment (2%), and other unknown critical reasons (2%).

The driver-related causes include the following errors: recognition (41%), decision (33%), performance (11%), non-performance (7%), and other (8%).

It means that the driver is the key determinant on the road and bears responsibility for each his/her activity.

The vehicle-related reasons include tires/wheels-related (35%), brakes-related (22%), engine/steering/transmission/suspension-related (3%), and other unknown problems (40%).

The critical reasons attributed to environment include slick roads (50%), glare (17%), view obstructions (11%), other highway-related conditions (9%), snow, fog, rain (4%),

other weather-related conditions (4%), signals and signs (3%), and road design (1%). Thus, it is evident that many factors predetermine the causes of car accidents and its consequences.

Causes of Car Accidents in the UAE

Speeding is considered the leading problem in the United Arab Emirates. In 2015, the researchers revealed the causes of traffic deaths, injuries, and accidents in the UAE.

Sudden swerving or lane changing, insufficient distance to the car in front, misjudgment, entering the road without checking, speeding, lack of attention, no lane discipline, jumping red lights,

and miscellaneous are the main causes why drivers of the UAE behave as if they participate in a Formula 1 race track.

Despite the fact that the local authorities and police launch awareness campaigns, the problems on the road are not solved yet.

The transportation experts also insist that speeding is the leading cause of fatal traffic accidents in the UAE, accounting for 11.8 percent.

However, speeding is always induced by the psychological and physical states of drivers. Currently, the rhythm of life is very fast.

Consequently, many drivers suffer from fatigue that contributes to 12.5 percent of all road accidents in the UAE.

Exhaustion can result in inattention, lack of concentration, reduction of alertness, and falling asleep while driving.

In addition, unintended blindness is considered one of the key reasons for the car accidents. It contributes to error in perception.

For example, a driver can look but does not see and thus have a wrong focus of attention.

Having the conversation with a passenger is also dangerous because it decreases attention and increases the risk for perceptual and performance errors.

Face-to-face communication while driving can result in mental and visual distraction.

The UAE has made an enormous contribution toward increasing incomes and longevity as well as building infrastructure. However, lack of awareness among drivers negates the achievements.

The Results of Car Accidents in the UAE

In the UAE, there are 32 deaths from car accidents per 100, 000. It is a high rate comparing with other industrialized countries. For example, the UK has four deaths from road rage per 100, 000.

WHO reports that the residents of the UAE are seven times more likely to die in traffic accidents as a death rate is increasing by 10 percent with every passing year.

Moreover, car accidents belong to the primary reason for the death of children in this country.

63 percent of children die because of road rage, and 90 percent can die because of the injuries received during the accidents.

The transportation experts report that speeding was the cause of 6.77 percent of all car crashes, and the failure to check the entry before turning into the main road resulted in 6.

75 percent of road accidents. Running the red light was the cause of 4.3 percent of traffic collisions, while ignoring pedestrians resulted in 3.25 percent of road rage.

The Ministry of the UAE states that sudden swerving was the reason for 19.8 percent of crashes, and lack of consideration for other road users resulted in 12.6 percent of road rage cases.

Failure to leave sufficient space between vehicles was the cause of 12.2 percent of the total, and inattention and negligence of motorists resulted in 10 percent of car accidents.

Moreover, drivers who did not adhere to their lanes caused eight percent of such incidents.

Car accidents in the UAE belong to a socio-economic problem that results in the financial losses.

It means that instead of investing money in the development of any branch, the authorities should spend it to cut one of the worst traffic records.

This dilemma provokes the necessity of determining realistic and accurate methods to prevent the negative impact on country's economy and status in the world.

The prevention of mortality and injuries in road traffic accidents is possible, and it also refers to a public health problem.

First, the administrative measures are recommended as they involve the cooperation of specialists from many areas.

Healthcare and traffic departments should collaborate in order to decrease car deaths and injuries. Second, the roads should be safe and adapted to the needs of all participants of traffic.

In the UAE, the infrastructure is well-built. However, it does not mean that it should not be improved anymore. The safety of vehicles is another condition that should be demanded from drivers.

The vehicle design should presuppose injury prevention and accident prevention. The road user should be knowledgeable about traffic rules.

Moreover, the authorities and police should provide traffic participants with the necessary training. Licensing of drivers is another condition that can prevent car accidents.

The results of car accidents in the UAE show that neglect of drivers can bring the fatal consequences.

It means that traffic safety has become the top priorities of the UAE authorities and police who should share this responsibility with the residents of the country and encourage them

to follow traffic rules. Car accidents lead to human, financial, and material losses.

Consequently, it is a must for such a developed industrialized country like the UAE to decrease car accident rate.

The number of motorists in this country who do not abide by traffic regulations is increasing.

However, it is evident that all traffic participants should take care of their and other road users' safety.

The general directorate of traffic coordination in the UAE insists that it is possible to achieve the decline in car accidents by involving the various road departments.

In terms of financial aspect, the problem of traffic accidents is costly for the country. However, there are no other solutions to this issue.

The high car accident rate influences the social life of people negatively and affects people's income and productivity.

The increase in car accidents creates the necessity of improvement of health and clinical services as well as medication that influence human life after injuries.

The problem of car accidents and its causes remains alarming and sharp due to the increasing number of deaths and injuries.

The inappropriate speed, fatigue, unintended blindness, alcohol, car design, having the conversation with a passenger, and dazzle are the leading causes of car accidents worldwide.

In the UAE, these reasons are more specific due to a large number of motorists.

They include sudden swerving, insufficient distance to the car in front, misjudgment, entering the road without checking, speeding, lack of attention, no lane discipline, jumping red lights,

and miscellaneous. It means that the UAE authorities, police, and traffic departments should consider all these causes and address them in such a way to achieve the decline of road accidents.

Moreover, they should restrict and limit those drivers who violate the traffic rules.

The article was written and published by the professional writer Jenna Hetry, more her articles you can find just simply following the link

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