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jennagalleryhi I'm just here to write some stuff (:
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This is a story I wrote for a class and I was very proud of my idea! I'm not sure how to use this site but I tried!

Betty's Bad Day

by jennagallery

Rude Awakening

A shrill ringing shocked me out of my sleep. I twitched awake and suddenly I was falling and with a loud thud, I hit the floor.


Groaning, I reached for my alarm clock but it wasn’t what was going off. In fact my alarm said 8:30 AM. I was supposed to be at work a half hour ago.


Half an hour ago! I raced out of my room and threw a piece of toast in the toaster and rushed to do my hair and get dressed. As I pulled on my skirt, smoke filled my nose and mouth.


Thick smoke was billowing out of the out of the toaster. I shoved my finger against the cancel button but it didn’t budge. The time was then 8:45.


Cursing, I grabbed my purse and ran out the door, barely hearing the smoke alarm behind me. I missed the bus. The busses came five minutes apart.

The Jitters

I bounced on the balls of my feet, willing myself not to throw up. I nearly jumped out of my skin I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Hello, miss?”


I spun around. I was face-to-face with a fireman. He had a rugged handsome look to him, and my first impression jumped to arrogant.


“Sorry to bother you,” he said. “Your neighbours told me you were the resident in apartment 10C. It seems like your toaster caused a small fire in your kitchen but not much was damaged."


I barely heard what he said, the bus came around the corner and pulled up to the stop. “Great thanks,” I interrupted leaving him behind and rushing to get on the bus.

No Seats

There were no seats. I took to standing and gripping the metal pole as the bus started moving. I tried to relax as the bus headed downtown. This morning was a disaster. It couldn’t get any worse.

The Ex

And of course, I was wrong. The bus hit a bump and I lost my balance, fell backwards into the lap of my crazy ex-boyfriend, Kieffer. “Betty!” he exclaimed, wrapping me in a rib-crushing hug.


“I knew you'd come back to me!” “Keifer, no. I-” “Honey! Are you okay?” a voice above us said. Kieffer and I both looked up. The handsome fireman stood over us.

Fake Husband

He wasn’t wearing his uniform like before, instead he wore a T-shirt with an overcoat and that familiar concerned expression. He looked at Kieffer. “I’m sorry sir, my wife is very clumsy.”


Kieffer attempted to hold me tighter as the fireman pulled me to my feet. The fireman’s strength was greater than Kieffer’s clinging and I was free of his grasp.


I stood facing the man who I had left at the bus stop. My mouth opened and closed as I stared at him. Only one thought popped into my mind. “Do you have twin?”

Left Behind

The bus pulled to a stop. The sign to my bank caught my eye. “I have to go,” I said abruptly and pushed passed him and ran off the bus before he could say anything.


I crashed through the doors of my bank, heads turned towards me as my bag ran into desks and lamps, causing papers to go everywhere. By the time I got to my desk I was sweating.

First Customer

I shuffled my papers and logged into my computer as my first customer. He sauntered up to me in a black hood with the hood pulled low over his eyes.

Money isn't Everything

“Hello sir, would you like to open a chequing account?” I said automatically, typing into my computer and setting it up. “Put all the money into the bag.”


I looked up to see a gun inches away from my face. Stacy, the teller beside me, looked up at the man’s words and screamed drawing the attention of everyone in the bank.

Handing it Over

I faintly heard the gasps of the customers and the clicking of telephone buttons as my co-workers called the police. It was protocol to just hand over the money and let the cops take over.

Bad Day

As I shoved the money from my till into the bag, anger bloomed in my chest. What a crappy day. Late for work, held at gunpoint in the first five minutes of getting to work and on top of all that

The Wrong Woman

I’m probably going to find Kieffer at the doorstep of my burnt apartment when I get home. This stupid burglar messed with the wrong woman today.


When his bag was filled to satisfaction, he turned and ran out of the bank and I ran after him. I heard protests as I raced down out the door screaming at him to stop.

Chase and Tackle

The two men crashed to the ground and the tackler pinned the burglar’s arms behind his back. A cop car pulled up and arrested the man and the tackler turned to me and I almost fell over.

Back Again

It was the fireman, it was the man on the bus. “Why are you everywhere?” I asked him incredulously. He just winked at me and walked away, avoiding contact with questioning police.

Back to Work

Infuriated I turned and walked back to the bank. I waved off all of the questions and pats on the back and returned to my desk. Time went by slowly and I was grateful for lunch.

Near Death

I made my way across the street to Moe’s Cafe. I walked like a zombie across the street. Suddenly I heard tires screeching and I was tackled from behind.


I hit the hard concrete of the sidewalk and the wind was knocked out of me. Feeling dizzy I got up slowly and turned to become face-to-face with the fireman, bus-man, football tackler.

Fed Up

Anger flowed through me once again. I didn’t say anything to him. Words wouldn't form in my brain through the fuzziness of my anger. I walked away from him and back to work.

A Little Bit of Normal

I wasn’t hungry anymore. The rest of the day drug on. At six, I was free to go home and the day was over. The bus ride back to my apartment was quiet and normal, it made me so hopeful,


that I almost forgot my apartment had been on fire. When I got home I didn’t see my knight in shining overalls. I couldn’t be around all of my burnt belongings, so I took my dog for a walk.


We walked through the crowded streets until we got to the park. My dog, Charlie was an old Shih Tzu- Poodle who was laid back and only cared when supper was.


It really surprised me when he took off suddenly, pulling me behind him with underestimated force, towards a pretty little Pomeranian.

You Again

Charlie must have underestimated his own speed cause he crashed into the Pomeranian. Not to my surprise, when I looked up at the owner of the Pomeranian, it was the fireman.


“Not you again,” I said. His face fell and I couldn’t have cared less. “Look,this day has been awful and thanks for helping me out but it's frustrating not knowing who you are or why you

Runaway again

keep saving me because I don’t want to be saved!” I turned on my heel and walked back towards my apartment, dragging Charlie behind me, he was trying to get to the pretty Pomeranian.

Home Sweet Home

When I got back to my place, the firemen cleared out and I was finally alone. I sat down on my couch, and avoided my kitchen, when the phone rang.

The Phone Call

“Hello?” I said, tiredly. “Hi, Elizabeth? This is Dr. Hale,” said a man’s voice. “Hey. What’s up?” There was a silence. “This is regarding your check up from yesterday.” Another silence.

Bad News

“Yes?” I said impatiently. “Elizabeth,” he said slowly. “You have cancer.”

Epilogue: Doctors Note

December 7th, 2016 Elizabeth woke up with a start, sweating and crying. She acts as though she has just been told of her cancer. Her dreams are getting worse. It’s the same dream every night.

Epilogue: Doctors Note

It starts with her setting fire to her kitchen, as her brain tumour and hallucinations caused her to set fire to her toaster to stop it from talking to her.

Epilogue: Doctors Note

She calls out the name “Kieffer” in her sleep and tells him to get away from her. Kieffer comes in everyday to see her and she doesn’t remember him unless she is sleeping.

Epilogue: Doctors Note

She dreams of being held at gunpoint, her co-workers tell me that she has hallucinations of being robbed and getting hit by cars quite often before she was diagnosed.

Epilogue: Doctors Note

I feel her condition is getting worse and she doesn’t want my help, no matter how I try to help she pushes me farther away.

Epilogue: Doctors Note

Now I attempt to help her indirectly but it only frustrated her. I fear she doesn’t have much time left. Signed, Dr. Hale

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