Why I hate: the predictability of poetic stories.

               Why I hate:
 the predictability of poetic 
                       stories. self promotion stories

jennablack15 BaCk tO BlAcK
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the things I hate. Like really hate.

Why I hate: the predictability of poetic stories.

I hate the whole poetic ending it never happens like they have like sentimental titles and scenic backgrounds and everything. Sometimes it makes me want to vomit and gauge my eyes out

Like; at the end of the day do you see me stalking a blond hunky 6ft 4 bombshell on a balcony watching the sun go down. Reminiscing on how lucky I am?

or do you see me staring through a window wondering if someone could love me? while the rain poetically falls down showing my sadness?

Even worse: do you see me deterring a guy for his own sanity and watching him leave? Without giving the description of his name or mine or why I want him gone? And not a stupid reason like, 'you can't handle my life' but like a legit reason such as 'this town wants to kill you'

Wait this all seems familiar. Oh... just realised.... well...umm... this is awkward. Imma go now. Just forget what I said.

You know these scenarios are pretty good.... if only someone expanded on them.. hmmm.

Wait there might be one person, but I can't remember...

What!? no! not JennaBlack15 who writes amazingly, like poetic gold is coming out of her fingertips.

Can't remember it'll come to me soon.

I spoil you too much. This is mainly for my dedicated readers who've read the majority of my works. I wanted to do something like this for a while but didn't know how to go about it. There's a lot of references Hope you enjoyed. FOLLOW ME!!!!!!

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