When he left
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It was a hard thing telling him to leave, I know I'll regret it for myself but never for him.

When he left

by jennablack15

Just go, leave and don't come back.

Why?? Well you don't need to know, you've got to leave.

You think I don't care? You think I don't love you?


I never stopped loving you, and it hurts, seeing you leave.

But I'm doing this for you, now go.

... so you didn't go, next train is in half and hour,

Be on it

You're not giving up until I tell you...

Now is a good time as any to tell you why...

You'd never be happy here. I'm not happy here.

I can't leave, but you can. So do it for both of us.

I want to see what is waiting out there for me. But I can't

So you'll have to tell me.

Don't give me the "I'll be happy as long as I'm with you"

That's absolute crap.

Because you will never be.

And it hurts holding you back.

Just because I can't, doesn't mean you shouldn't

And sure I'll regret it, for the rest of my life.

But you know what's worse.

Ruining yours

I can see it now, you'll fall in love with someone else.

And you'll have gorgeous children, with tales to tell.

And I? Well, I've accepted that I... I..

Well, I've accepted that I'll never have the life I want

There's your train, get on it.

Wow a hug, nice way to end it I suppose. dry your eyes.

And see the world

You say, that you'll never forget me...

But it just takes time.

And so I stood there idly by watching him leave.

Sadness overcame him, but I was strong. He deserved it.

I'd never felt as liberated, even though it wasn't me going

It was hard turning away. But I made the right choice.

And I'll regret it for myself but never for him.

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