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In a world where no one can see me

What I see

I don't know what time it is, I haven't known for 3 years. That's what happens when you're all alone.

I hear everyone's conversations, people desperate to know each other's business. Yet they act as if I'm invisible.

I'm not living I'm surviving. I've been sentenced with the cruelest punishment know to man.


Happiness isn't something I feel very often. Well what would you expect? There isn't much reason to feel such an emotion.

But sometimes I like to look through windows and imagine myself with them, the hustle and bustle of people. Laughing about everything and nothing.

The warmth is only imaginary but yet it feels so real. I can feel the warm food going down my throat the drink washing it down. I can see myself wearing those pretty dresses.

On this particular night I'm sitting with the cold as my companion and that's when I hear them.

"No one could have a worse life than I." She says while clutching bags filled with luxuries of which I can only dream of.

And on that day, for the first time in three years, I laughed.

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