The masterpiece of deception
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How did I fall so low that everyone had forgotten me?
How did some cheap facade try to replace me?
And how did I let it happen?

The masterpiece of deception

I remember that day. The day they sent me the letter of my dreams. My work to be adored and worshipped.


Recognition for years of being ignored by everyone being overshadowed by the cliche lover paintings and ancient solemn portraits.

Meeting others like myself and climbing into my well-warranted seat. sitting amongst the kings of my profession.

Mentored by the greatest and working with the unparalleled of my time.

Being amongst the best

but I was young and beautiful moreover like all young and beautiful things.

Time catches up with them.

It came in the form of her. She had the most delicately distastefull of brush strokes and her blend of colours was subpar.

No talent and nothing extraordinary but new Just. new.

But people were entranced by her colours. Her false Edenic emeralds and her serpentine scarlets.

She- the seductive snake charmer. me- the abandoned aberration

So what else could I do to restore my glory amongst my peers? Simple.

stood in the hall where my own paintings had been celebrated- replaced by these excuses of art. With people adoring them just like they did mine- the same faces saying how she would be preserved forever

Lies, just like they feed me, they did to her

I saw her there, with her youthful smile and raven black hair. Her un-wrinkled face mirroring her paintings.

Watching them One by One take their leave and bid her their best.

I took my spite and tore through her work- her life, just as she had done mine.

For a second I thought it was over- that I had won, but how mistaken I was.

You see, I saw her later on at some other function of our cohort of 'artists' standing amongst the newer paintings

And on her face was the same painting that I had on mine.

For it was another girl who was basking in the glory, that my enemy craved.

And then I saw, it was inevitable really- it wasn't my wrongly accused foe or my masterpieces- it was them. they had fed me the lie of invincibility and I had eaten it up.

And as I fade away I'll always remember that it was them who ruined my finest work. How they painted the greatest deception of all.

Immortality in paint

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