The last breath of love

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Warmth spreads through my finger tips, breathing in happiness. Finally, something to hold dearly. To love for eternity, but I can't help the shiver go down my spine and the calm before the storm.

The last breath of love

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He's standing on my balcony and my heart beats that much faster. The way the wind blows through his blonde hair sets me alight. I hold onto the door as I take in the sight of him, my lover and solace.

As I take my soft steps towards him the sun is basking me in her warmth and is gifting me with her life.

"Hey," I say softly. My hand caresses his face and I feel the warmth seeping into my fingertips. The sun is radiating of us. He smiles at me and looks deep into my eyes. While I stare into his mesmerising blue eyes

"Are you okay," I ask. He shakes his head. "Why?" I ask. But he doesn't respond. Both my hands now are holding his face. Wondering why my saviour isn't responding.

The sky darkens and it becomes colder. My fingers are freezing. And the rain falls. But only on him. I remain dry, and untouched. The water runs down my arms, and the blistering cold burns.

He is becoming paler and his eyes becoming brighter. But his smile never falters.

The weather is turning for the worst. The storm has arrived and wind is ruining everything is touches. The rain has bought down chaos and destructions and cold consumes my being. My body suddenly is covered in water.

"Because darling." His sweet voice consoles me. And as I look down a knife has sheathed itself into my stomach and the violent red is a strong contrast to the white fabric. The water is drowning my sights.

"You're dead."

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