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The cruel cold reality of love, where I will always be second best. And I watch as the one I love loves another, I will always be reminded that love has no M.E.R.CY.

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it's currently raining and I'm on the verge of pneumonia, but I had to see. I had to see if he was really with her. It's true.

I couldn't blame him, she was the definition of perfect: blonde hair and blue eyes, slender and tall. Me? Hair as black as night and brown sunken eyes. Short and not curvy in the good way.

My hand is pressed against the cold glass and water is running down the pane. He's there with her and he looks so happy. .. But it's not me. It will never be me.

I don't get it. I've spent so much time and energy to make his life easier. Whenever the world was against him, I would always drop everything to be with him. And this is how he repays me?

But in my heart of hearts I know, I can't stop loving him. It consumes me and it doesn't plan to stop.

So as I watch him fall in love with her, and my eyes are unable to look away. I will always hope, because I'm too stupid not to. Logic tells me to let go, but my heart yearns for him.

But that's the thing about love. It doesn't show Mercy.

Thank you sooo much for tapping along. This will actually be turned into a book in the near future but until then this is copy righted to me (Jennablack15) if you find anyone copying it then please report them. This book means alot,as I was in a dark time of my life when I wrote it, it's probably my best. So when people steal it, it makes me feel horrible. If I find that it has been copied then I will persecute © 2017 Jenna Black

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