I think I understand

            I think I understand world record poetry stories

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I think I understand

I think I understand

I think she just needed someone Just someone to talk to It’s just... I remember her saying- That she’d be in a room The most crowded one But still, She felt so alone.

She looked so happy Like she genuinely felt it But that was her greatest gift Pretending She just wanted someone to understand To comprehend how... Is unhappy even a word that could even describe how she felt?

No it can’t. I just want to take that pain away. I just want her to feel... Okay. But that’s just void for her I’d like to think that she can understand happiness. But I don’t know if she even understands the meaning of the word.

Could I have seen it coming Now, shamefully, no I couldn’t And still can’t

I think she just wanted someone To reach into her mind To... To see what she felt and her thoughts The ones no one can express With sheer words

Because we don’t know how to ask for love We just want someone to look into our hearts and souls And see everything All the darkness to be viewed by the chosen surveyor

I know it won’t do anything But at least she and I won’t be alone anymore.

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