30th of February
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Can't remember my birthday. The thrashings took it out of me.

30th of February

"Lazy good for nothing slob." That's the last thing I hear before a plate is thrown at my head. Majority of it hits the wall, but I'm not left unscathed. That's when the bleeding presents itself.

The door slams and off he goes again. Into the night like the creature he is. Our money going to the beer barrel. No food on the table but as long as there is beer flowing through his veins we should be fine. We can't afford it and he doesn't work much, so we're struggling.

I go up to the attic and sit in my rocking chair in silence. Wondering how life turned out the way it did for me. Had I wronged someone? I will never know. I look around my dark room of mystery, photos of people I have forgotten and faces I'll never see again.

Sometimes I have this crazy dream, where I am free, where I am looking at the world as if it is mine for the taking. But that's my problem; dwelling on dreams that aren't never commin true.

Then the cry wakes me from my bliss. She needs me and I come running. When I open the door she's there silently crying, praying for the nightmare to end,

And I'll hold her like I've done from the beginning. My little Hope. I change the subject to her birthday, she loves that, and we plan on what we would do, but never carry out.

We're on the subject of having the party at a huge castle in the clouds with the cake as blue as the sea. That's when she asks the dreaded question: "Mama when's your birthday?"

I've been beaten down so much that I can't remember. My grandma always bought out a cake in the spring she said daffodils were always the best in February. She always had daffodils.

Then I take a breath and look down at my only Hope and I say "February 30th." She's content with that answer and so am I.

Anyone who has been abused please talk to someone. There is no judgment and I hope you find someone who treats you like royalty girls and GUYS included. (It happens but sadly isn't talked bout) http://www.mensadviceline.org.uk/ https://www.womensaid.org.uk/

Hello my lovelies! It's been long but I've been sorting stuff out, I've realised for people to read my stuff I need to post. I wan to hear from you, what do you think. Hopefully if things go right another story will come soon! It's going to be good. A part of me wants to change things up as most of my stuff is very gloomy, maybe soon! BTW I've copyrighted all my work. Don't even try

Thank you follow me. (Cuz I need a happy boost) and check out my other books too!! Do it. Now Your still here. What you waiting for? Go.

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