Vegas Baby
Vegas Baby casino stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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A place I’ve never been....

Vegas Baby

The city that never sleeps, An addiction preying at peoples feat, The art to master counting cards can lead to disaster, As security watches from above.

An array of colors and lights, Truly an addicts delight, Slot to slot, Shot after shot.

Beautiful women dropping cards, For a lovers rendezvous upstairs from the hotel bar.

Dollars flinging, Chips are ringing, You hit the jackpot for tonight.

Three hundred thousand later you think you’ve gotten lucky, Continuing to play and spend that money.

Hours later stumbling thru the casino, Realizing your luck has run out.. Looking for the rest of your winnings, Only to discover your almost out.

You laugh in panic, Then say “ Just another night in Vegas Baby its okay”

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