Try Not to Breathe
Try Not to Breathe tears stories
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Free Form - about the mess of abuse & addiction

Try Not to Breathe

Shhh her sister said when they heard the door slam. Tears filling her eyes knowing it was going to be a long night. He was always so angry when he drank.

Their Mother did her best to protect them, but sometimes she wasn’t strong enough. Then they hear the war begin.. screaming, yelling, dishes breaking.

“Get Out” their Mom pleaded, “This is MY HOUSE” he replied. Her sister started to lose it and her tears came hard and fast. They could hear every word.

Her sister asked please stop, he’ll hear you! So the girls tip-toed to the closet praying he didn’t hear any movement. Eventually the madness would end and he would fall fast asleep, not remembering the nights events.

Oh no! They heard foot steps starting up the stairs. Her sister panicked and apologized shaking. So she just hugged her and held her tight to her chest. They both knew two was better than one, but she was so frail.

Their Mom stopped him dead in his tracks as she always does. Then WHACK he knocked her to the ground. Next, it was like he didn’t realize what he had done as he flees to check on her, she begs him to leave her alone. This was not him, this was his demon, his addiction.

Next they hear their Mom get up, what a sense of relief for them both. All then went quiet.... he had passed out as he always does. Still horribly worried about Mom they make a decision to check on her after some time has passed.

A team of three saw their Mom picking up broken dishes and a welt on her eye. At least she is okay, she sees the girls and starts silently sobbing. Alls she can whisper is “I’ll be fine, Try not to breathe”.......

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