The Next Love
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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An analogy

The Next Love

Just as tentacles can sting so can that first taste of love, It can make you feel numb.

When that first relationship ends the heartache can feel deadly as if you’ve been stung, Just as this door may close another may open but please use caution.

As yearning can come in waves drifting onto the shore by rough winds in a bloom, Life is about choices so make sure you look at your options versus just grabbing out of need.

Take time before you reach out for another partner as it’s like a jellyfish, It can look beautiful to watch it float and glow but not all are as it seems.

Shaped as an umbrella as it opens and closes so does amour, Decide if you wish to stand back, heal, and just watch for the whimsical creature, Or if you’re ready to touch again and feel a possible pain

Remember sometimes love is not always as it seems, This can sometime sting

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