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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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We are all a version of chairs.

The Motions

Moving around every opportunity offering each other a seat as a cordial gesture, a constant motion of being humble.

Seating a warm welcome to those in need or who walk into your life and heart. The art of sharing and being open.

Stacking on top of one another at times making it hard for others to breathe, then again it can be in perfect alignment where life just seems to fit. At times making room for other things to grow.

Falling whether knocked off your feet or by accident. It’s a stage in life that we all experience and have a hard time getting back up. If its the weight or how far we’ve fallen, but never a task that can’t be put back together again.

Breaking when all falls apart feeling like no glue or hammer and nails can help put things back together. Heart breaks, mental breakdowns, at one point and time everything breaks including that damn chair. In time all can be fixed.

We all experience the motion of chairs in our lifetime. No matter if we move, sit, stack, break or fall.

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