Don’t leave them Behind
Don’t leave them Behind  war stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Please give back...

Don’t leave them Behind

There is a war that they are fighting each and every day, The kind that affects the children and the child’s play.

Whether they are homeless, in a shelter or with their parents today, Bouncing around like a ball never knowing what bed they will lay.

Even greater is the hunger of there big beautiful eyes, As a meal for them which we take for granted is like a present wrapped inside.

The joy they receive from hand me downs is like a diamond in disguise, Some clothes, a book, or a toy takes them by surprise.

So what can we do I hope we would ask ourselves? Even those that don’t have much can participate in the act!

Volunteer at a food pantry, or donate what you do not use or need, Please don’t turn away your cheek to a child in need.

These babies need your help as they didn’t ask for this war, It’s the struggle they were born into leaning on deaths door.

Even for those who feel they have nothing to give, Spend sometime with these children who are just so happy to live.

As a team we can begin to put an end to this war, Some love, kindness, volunteering, a donation or simply advocating for more.

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