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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Words can hurt

Push Pin

Feeling like her soul was the body of the world map, Being poked and prodded with words that felt like a slap. The pain stung deep always making her cry, He was always the savage with dry eyes.

How many times are you going to push she wondered, While he raised his voice sounding like thunder.

She kept on losing her strength, to fight her battle of his words of pain in length. It was a war she didn’t want to win, She has no desire to be like him.

Feeling like her soul was gone, Him laughing like it was a song, Knowing it was time to take away the map, She had to start taking some of those push pins back.

Blocking out the cruel words was step one, Protecting herself from anymore poking to be done. The scars are dug deep, Inside her soul of the map he creeped.

Slowly pushing away she made a plan, Promising herself never to be brought down again by a disheartening man.

Leaving him wasn’t easy, Thinking she was nothing more than stupid and crazy. As time passed she got her map back, Pin by pin she removed them all finding she really was worthy, Scars and all..,

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