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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Trying to believe


Graciously strolling down the oceanfront seeking patience as her guide. Her dress glowing iridescent underneath the moonlit sky.

Desperately longing for wisdom to make sense of love and why? She pushes that emotion away like the ocean does the tide.

Knowing she needed faith in something more than herself to believe, She looked to the stars for a sign of reprieve.

A goddess of the night yet always walking alone. Her cool blue shoes is where she always called home.

Finding peace and clarity in the swaying of the palm trees. Along with her hair blowing in the ocean breeze.

Looking ahead a vision she sees, walking towards her a beautiful man so calm and serene. They say hello with a smile that gleams.

Is this what love is or possibly what it means? Starting as a peaceful conversation between two entities. A chemistry to vivid to run from it seems.

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