My Sedated Twilight
My Sedated Twilight  peace stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Searching for a calm in the mind

My Sedated Twilight

Searching for a calm in my mentally ill mind, Is like treasure hunting for gold in an old mine. Waking up lost in disarray of my brain and my body, With tears pouring down my face sobbing.

No explanation as to why I’m upset today, Just another game that my mind plays, Feeling like a guitar on repeated strumming, Or a television on with no picture just humming.

Mental illness is not for the weak, Even though I often feel defeat, I’m riding a bike going no where, Just the wheels keep on spinning. My brain twists and turns feeling no winning.

Popping so many pills just to be seventy-five and sunny, Truth is I wonder is it toxic or worth the money? Looking for just a little peace in my mind that needs a release, Please make the mania stop before I retreat.

I’ll keep fighting my illness day and night, Hopeful to find some light in my sedated twilight.

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