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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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A little reminder

Love Yourself

Have you ever desired to be drunken in love with yourself? Despite what this world tells you.

It takes some courage and a big f-u to the world who surrounds us. This is not for the faint of heart nor a game, this is a harsh reality.

We seem to strive for acceptance, but what about accepting ourselves from within. Do you really need to place yourself into that circle?

There is a beautiful cool echo of calmness in your laughter. Figure out what makes you smile and run with it for miles.

Find that pure ecstasy from inside, Then let happiness follow as your guide.

Be happy in who you’ve become and are growing to be, In life we are simply not trees, Roots we have, but it doesn’t define the precious heart we have inside to continue to grow.

No matter the body type that you have, small or curvy rock that like a catwalk you own. There is no perfection you see, as the perfectionist is in thee.

Please find that joy you seek within and a bliss and love for yourself will follow..... you will always win.

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