Guarded pride stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Guarding that pain


Talk to me... Do you still dream of tomorrow? When was the last time you blew on a dandelion and danced in the white cloud of beauty?

Talk to me.... What do you wish for on that shooting star or blowing out your birthday candles?

Talk to me... When was your last wish? Did it end in explosive bliss or sent to space to be dismissed?

Talk to me... Can you still cry or have your tear ducts run dry? An enraged, emotional tear fest that makes your face hot?

Talk to me... Translate your fact from fiction? Decode the truth from a lie? Who do you tell your secrets too- in the middle of the night?

Let me talk to you... Never let go of that inner child In all the corrupt madness find something to make you laugh A majestic world is at your fingertips

Are you listening... If you allow to show that smile Swallow some pride Let the light inside

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