Forgotten or Lost
Forgotten or Lost endings stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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If you ever get to read this you know who you are

Forgotten or Lost

She wasn’t your typical beauty She exuded sexuality like it was dripping from her pores Although she didn’t realize this until she was twenty-four He was a contradiction with his extrovert ways She was bashful but thankful he wasn’t the same Being unconstrained he made her feel even more loved

Two magnificent families blended for almost three years to the day She was so proud on that Christmas to be called his fiancée They were so young - in their late teens Not even fully understanding what matrimony means

Her jealously spiraled after years growing up as a pair Having no clue what her actions would divulge He furiously ended that marriage that was to be He never looked back after he left her

Timing in life is now what she truly believes It was not their time in life or so it seemed Two decades later she still remembers him fondly Missing that genuine love that came so easily

They attempted a friendship many times to date This time he couldn’t commit to even seeing her face Vanished love is how I will always remember him Unsteady of the thought if I truly miss him or that memory of perfection

Could it have worked out all those years ago Sadly I will never know I hope one day I will let the idea of my first love go

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