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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Finding your way home

Due East

My mind spins like a game of twister, Never knowing where my body will land, A guessing game of what fate may bring next.

They say a compass points due East, While my mind is caught in the trees of a forest.

Searching for the path that is meant for me, Lost in a maze of purple haze and the trees.

While the direction still points due East, I am more lost than when I began on my journey to escape never land.

I am still stranded alone, searching for a place to call home, Reaching for a goal that never is met and a brain that simply just forgets.

Bare feet and chilled to the bone, I’ve never felt further away from home, My mind twists and turns trying to grab a branch.

I hear a cardinal in the distant breeze, My instincts kick in to follow the ache that’s bringing me to my knees, Is this my guide?

The song is so graceful and kind, Something finally comforts the mind, This angelic bird appears a cardinal so close and dear, Singing this tune replaying in my ear.

Her symbolism sparks clear as she is helping me overcome my fears, My panic slowly subsides, As I look at my compass again I know where home lies

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