Creature of the Night
Creature of the Night color stories
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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The beauty of no sight

Creature of the Night

Her hair was dark as a raven, Dark and dreary was her haven,

Dressed in all black to match her soul, Hiding from the cruelty the world holds.

Shying away from the daylight, Becoming a creature of the night.

Sleeping her days away, When the clock strikes midnight she would come out to play, The world was peaceful not a person in sight.

Pale as a ghost from the sun not grazing her skin, Holding a heart of gold within.

Teased as a little girl for being different, Her reality in life of no sight and colors could she see, Blindness made her an OutKast, Down she fell into the color black.

At night the world would come to be, Her perfect place of harmony, Shadows danced and the moon howled.

Having only hearing alone, She found a park she called home. Animals dancing thru the leaves, the moon a perfect glowing sphere, smelling the blooming flowers in the air.

All the colors nature indulged, Her dark became an Angelic glow.

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