Brick by Brick
Brick by Brick building stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Brick by Brick

Every stage in our lives we constantly learn and grow, If we are ever hurt or neglected of love this can feel as cold as the Winters snow.

Growing in life is like rebuilding yourself brick by brick, Each and every failure can make you feel physically sick.

While each triumph will set off a new glow, Slowly we build up our self-esteem to become the best version we know.

A lifetime challenge this can be, to find the best parts of me, It is beyond rewarding to find love in thee

Brick One... Simply to believe you are worthy of more than you see.

Brick Two... Love yourself like no tomorrow, These bricks can uphold the weight of your sorrows.

Brick Three... Search and find your own happiness within, These bricks can help you being content as your own best friend.

Brick Four... Contentment with your heart as you don’t need a lover without falling apart.

Brick Five... Be thankful you’re alive, Find the beauty in the things you see and know your soul is truly free Self-Esteem is no easy task, it’s a reward that will forever last.

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