A Rope
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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In search of tenderness

A Rope

Her heart was delicate like a flower in Spring trying to bloom, Yet bound by lock and key similar to a jail cell not to be set free.

So many heartbreaks to count has made her unbreakable or so it would seem, Not letting you see the frail nature of her soul.

Secretly hoping to find the one that makes her whole, With knowing she can stand alone.

A dating trial she is testing, A game who is not for the weak. Each date keeping her heart at bay, Until there is truly chemistry will she show her frailty.

Putting on a show to keep her secret safe, Some of these men are seeing through her facade. Her Aura is warm and kindness making it hard to hide, Her feeble self lost in a broken mind.

Does she deserve love? She no longer knows.. They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs, as the story goes. Tired of kissing Mr. Wrong, longing for Mr. Right her heart aches for tenderness during the night.

Not giving up on that sliver of hope, Grasping onto a belief in love by merely a rope.

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