A Night to Remember
A Night to Remember  stories

jemise78twisted mind, huge heart
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Thank you @hanniecakes for the prompt “Hygee”: a deep sense of place, warmth, friendship and contentment

A Night to Remember

Sitting beside a campfire counting the satellites, Making s’mores, laughing to our hearts delight.

Laying side by side, Sipping a glass of wine, Snuggling as if we were kids, When the clock strikes midnight you sneak the most beautiful kiss.

My best friend have we just crossed the line? Entangled into each other’s soul and minds.

You kiss me again, I realize this is so much more, A connection so precious knocking on loves door.

My best friend, my now lover and partner in crime, We tackle the night with a warmth impossible to describe.

Never looking back you become forever mine, Always holding close that one night together in time.

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