A Frigid Heart
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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A first love decades out

A Frigid Heart

He was her first love, Beyond two decades ago, A love she still longs for when she is alone. Does she miss him or the memory of how he made her feel? She wonders now if it was a dream or if it was real?

Now years have passed and they both have let go, Moved on with their lives and had children of their own. He passes through her life in the Summer every year, Like the Autumn leaves let go, He disappears fast like the wind blows.

They make an attempt for friendship each year, Seeing or talking just a few times, This last year the attempt has seem to run dry. His heart seems to have grown cold, His demeanor has gone dry,

Just like the chill in his eyes, She can’t help but wonder why? Most answers she will never know, She knows she can no longer stand out in the snow.

Life is just too short, as the old saying goes, To keep waiting for what’s not there be it a friend or foe. She has decided to let this image of a man she once love let go, Her heart feeling the waves of emotions overflow.

The aching of a friendship that will never be, A reconnection they will never see, An ending of a story held so closely to thee.

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