A Free Spirit
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Growing up.... finding yourself

A Free Spirit

Built like a tree she was strong, sturdy, and could weather the storms. Leaves poured through her veins growing year after year.

Roots that her parents instilled were tough, she desperately wanted something more. She wanted to be free of the weather and being stuck in a rut.

A free spirit like the wind blows and cardinals breeze by, Wanting to see beyond the trees, Using every ounce of strength she began remove herself limb by limb.

Every painful moment was getting closer to the goal, Knowing it was now or never for her to have a different life, She used all her strength and broke free.

Leaving at dawn so afraid to face her fears but no turning back, She was shaking like a leaf, Slowly step by step she muddled forward.

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do, She was searching for happiness, The future was happening and fast.

Just beyond her small world she found light and a rainbow palette of color, She was finally free, to find herself, to live, and to love Her spirit was alive

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