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like the great ocean, we all have layers
the deeper we venture, the weight furthers
yet despite that pressure,
there's always someone who seeks its secret

the ocean within us

Everyone is an ocean. The moment you try to enter there will be waves to push you back but if you go further than that, the waves are calmer, gentler.

And underneath those waves, you will witness a beautiful world.

You will see so many beautiful reefs - so many colors and life forms, each and everything just takes your breath away.

But if you go further than that, color fades , everything turns gray and the light no longer reaches.

Then again, despite the dark, the cold, the pressure and the empty space, life still lives there.

They are striving, surviving, making do with what they have.

And if you forcefully pull them out from the depths, they die - ugly and in pain.

To bring them out, you can only pull them layer by layer, allowing them time to breath

to adapt, to heal in the new environment until it eventually becomes part of the beautiful reef you can find near the shore.

We can never force the ocean to show its entirety to us.

We can only peek at what it lets us see and whatever our limits brings us to.

We can force our way in, only to see nothing but the dark and mere silhouettes of what's actually in there.

Like the ocean, we all have layers of ourselves. Some we will put up higher defenses with, some we will show, and some we completely hide to ourselves.

But like the ocean, we can also bring those in the deepest trench unto shallow waters where sunlight reaches slowly and not suddenly, in our own time.

And those that we showed, they will be appreciated for its beautiful colors, for the beautiful shape they take in.

To those who ventured deep in our trench, they will know that there's beauty that exists there but they will only know of its existence and not its form.

Only we can allow that beauty to be seen and the moment we show them to the world, will be the moment it will be appreciated - loved truly.

Every beauty and every being we have hidden deep in our trenches will always be worth of seeing the light.

Nothing should always stay in that cold dark place, always know that every corner and every inch of you is beautiful and worth of love.

There will always be someone who seeks your beauty.

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