This is to a new me.
This is to a new me. #for-the-better stories

jeffreyazzoli Community member
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Learning from your mistakes

This is to a new me.

You sit back and judge by my past. But have you considered being bad doesn't last. I have to beg and plead for another chance. Maybe it's time I enhance. This is to a new me.

I look at my family tree. I see none of them have convicted a felony. A little bit of goody two shoes. Getting 1st class serve of silver and booze. This is to a new me.

I did 3 years time without my liberance. Didn't have the guts to claim my innocence. That was who I was. I acted out just because. This is to a new me.

I have changed for own well-being. But my family doesn't seem to be agreeing. 3 years away from their son. Decisions really are said and done. This is to a new me.

I didn't ask for this. I had to ask if I could take a piss. You take hits you didn't earn. But it gave you a lesson to learn. This is to a new me.

When you learn from your wrong. You can celebrate with a little beer pong. Until that day. Just do what you say. This is for a better me.

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