The Junkman

The Junkman
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jeffgolddoom Constructive criticism welcome
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Inspired by a WWII movie where a Junkman converts old bombers into homes. Sometimes you wonder why harsh memories become nostalgia. It's because it all goes to the Junkman in the end.

(First uploaded poem but edited the title and stuff)

The Junkman

The brain rattles and booms as the nerves run around A tsunami collapses synapses and floods out

The mouth is dry, a smile cracking the corners The eyes lay motionless, bound in borders

This feeling comes in waves, rushing and fleeting too

It all goes to the Junkman and he makes it new

Take me back to the cold floor A belly yearning for more Give me the simpler times when I had few Take me back to the Junkman So he can make me new

When all I had was "Flash Gordon" on cassette When we were dirty but we were set When we'd get into trouble, naively believing Before I had stubble, naively seeing

Give me back the holes in my shoe

Give me back to the Junkman so he can make me new.

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