Is Your Fellow Man Worth Less?
Is Your Fellow Man Worth Less?  justiceforpatrickunderwood stories

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What is mans worth? Think about your actions.

Is Your Fellow Man Worth Less?

Was Patrick Underwoods worth less than George Floyds? Because he wore a badge?

Was Burning a homeless mans bed serving a message for justice for either in any way? After all, what's a homeless mans life worth? Less than yours?

Contrary to what the young and violent people may believe. Protesting peacefully is a major tool.

As quoted by Bernice King. "Protest matters. Contrary to common misconceptions, nonviolent protest is not passive or weak. Nonviolence does not cooperate with evil. It puts a demand on systems and on consciences.

It establishes goals and pursues them with true peace, which includes justice, as the outcome. Nonviolent protest does not deter a violent response from those who oppose the eradication of the injustice.

“Nonviolent protest” refers to the spiritual, mental and physical posture of the protester and the demonstration of commitment to an ultimate goal."

My point is. See someone about break a window? Go home. It's no longer about seeking justice and peace. See someone throw a punch? Leave. It's no longer about seeking justice and peace. Shall I repeat?

Seek justice for George. Seek justice for Patrick. Seek justice for Breonna Taylor. Seek out true Peace. True Fellowship. True Meaning. True Equality. A True Justice System.

Do not give in to violence. A black man or womans life isn't worth less. A white man or womans life isn't worth less. A cops life isn't worth less. The homeless aren't worth less. Your life isn't worth less.

What is Worthless? Racism and violence. What is worth more? Your multicultural family and peace. Change from seeking to love one another.

Do All things with Love in Mind. Because Your Life Matters.

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