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I wrote this for you, although I have written for you so many different ways before. I feel as though I am waiting for my ability to improve before I can efficiently write in a fashion worthy of my thoughts and feelings in regards to you, but as limited in its relevance for the purposes of time this may be, I hope this is enough to hold you over.


You touched the morning dew

the inflexions of the morning's sun too timid to touch you

You were colder than we have ever been

I could tell by the sheet of your skin and the way you were hunched,

Your hair drew breath

And I could feel the sadness of Saturn's Son

But Skyla there is a world within that is at work

But Skyla there is poverty in what we see as worth

You made the boring mundane

And we are no longer who we were

And in that way, we are the same

Anything you see is real when seen through eyes of blue

But everything was beautiful when I saw it through you

But Skyla you work amongst jewels and the everyday

But Skyla those jewels they envy you

And those everyday people

Well, they don't know how precious you are

But Skyla I hope one of them can love you enough

Somewhere down the road

Somewhere not far

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