Today I had 4 epiphanies about myself
4 epiphanies about why I entrepreneu stories

jboobooCommunity member
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Today I had 4 epiphanies about myself

or at least, myself today

1. I'm not doing this cause I think my ideas are important

I used to think I avoided W-2 life to work on 'important' ideas. But today I realized that really...

2. I want to be an entrepreneur because it's hard.

Not cause I need to improve the world or make $$ or because my ideas neeeeed to exist. Overcoming hard things makes people feel better about themselves. The harder it is the better I become

3. I'm not good yet

If overcoming hardship requires positive change, then I must believe that who I will be on the other side is different than who I am now. Which means that something about who I am now, is wrong.

4. So part of the problem, is me

Good ideas are of course important - but I need to figure out what parts of my core belief systems are good and which need to evolve.

So, the journey begins!

What belief systems have worked for you?

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