The Veil of Ignorance {Philosophy Series} -The Original Position -
The Veil of Ignorance {Philosophy Series} -The Original Position - poem stories
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My cousins across the water first and foremost I must apologise For my history and religion series have such Eurocentric eyes. An attempt to condense a philosophical notion into a poem.

The Veil of Ignorance {Philosophy Series} -The Original Position -

My cousins across the water first and foremost I must apologise

For my history and religion series have such Eurocentric eyes.

Today we are going to look at an American who can make us all the more wise.

The simple matter is that I don't know enough about America not that I despise.

I love Marvel, Hollywood, Bryan Adams, Martin Luther King jr, burgers & French fries

I love the American dream even if it is just a guise.

Although I am not a fan of rugged individualism.

Simply because sometimes poverty is not a decision.

So today we are going to look at John Rawls and his concept of vision.

The philosophical notion of the 'Veil of Ignorance' is an old one.

Yet John Rawls allowed it to roll on into the modern world.

So, lets start with his personal history, world war 2 unfurled.

He served in the armies of liberation against the fascist nations.

He believed in absolute emancipation.

Gender, racial, of slavery, sexual identity and economic class.

He studied thoroughly the great philosophers of the past.

John lock, Rousseau, Hobbes and Thomas Jefferson.

He certainly was not abject to wisdom not a deficient one.

He recognised with great power comes great responsibility.

He is the publisher of the 1971 Theory of Justice.

He challenged every injustice.

And trust in this his theory is worth a read.

Yet it would take a long time indeed.

So, let me share with you the creed.

The original position.

Before the society is built before its demeanour is envisioned.

Before you take your first steps or even gain vision.

Imagine how you would make decisions.

On how society should be structured.

That is release your sense of self from your clutches.

Imagine you know nothing of yourself.

Or society or anything else.

The idea is that you could have been born in any circumstance.

The idea is that you may have been born in a world where you had no chance.

The idea is that from realising empathy then society can be enhanced.

If you were playing a game where you created a society

A set of rules. Although you didn't know what your character's abilities were

Or your characters start point you could not choose.

What rules for the society would you anoint?

He uses the example of slavery.

If you paved it to be that 50% of the society were to be slaves.

Then there's a good chance that you will be enslaved.

Upon entering existence.

You may think this concept is pestilence.

Insignificant and invalid.

That your position is intransigent set in stone.

And you would not be alone.

The point is this philosophical exercise is one of the steppingstones.

In a philosophy of the social matrix.

Justice the definition we must debate this.

This is one plate of armour that ascends that notion of equalitarianism.

Imagine you, the society you are born in, your skills on all these matters you have no decision.

The American constitution was built on this notion.

So, if out of arrogance you want to cast what I say to the ocean.

Then the American dream is dead and without motion.

As Thomas Jefferson said

"It takes time to persuade men, to do even what is for their own good."

I hope you enjoyed tis glimpse into the philosophy of equality.

We are of the same blood. Earth-born.

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