The Rainstorm they Bring
The Rainstorm they Bring
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Sometimes people can be like a rainstorm.

The Rainstorm they Bring

When a rainstorm seems to berrate instatiably. And your questioning your stability. When tears fall with greater force and crash around you. And the sky seems never blue. Never clear

When words have you held in fear. Questioning who is around that cares. When your begging for it to end and even in prayers. And with it comes thunderous sighs. Weary dry eyes.

Shocked and drooping into mise. Remember the rainstorm is temporary. And if you face the storm commend your self as exemplotaory. For it's not you who will ever have to feel sorry.

For causing the storm. And like the crops of sweet sustenance in the field. When the storm clears and you have faced all that you are dealed. It is you who has a greater yield. To have faced what you have and toiled on through.

Then when the sky finally comes a blue. You will have a sense of awe anewed. Forget all those who have refused to tend to you and brought the storm. Wait for a warm horizon that red sky at night.

Don't let the storm overwhelm fight the good fight.

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