The Game - What game do you like the best comment below!
The Game - What game do you like the best comment below! poem stories

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Video games When I was younger, I was like sonic as I rolled up with tails. Why are some people so annoyed when we play video games? One mans plead for gamers everywhere! I'm not allowed a console.

The Game - What game do you like the best comment below!

Before you read this... I just want to say I'm on vacation so I've been posting a lot and i appreciate everyone who takes the time to read what I write!

Video games

When I was younger, I was like sonic as I rolled up with tails.

Victim to the egg man and his wicked sails.

When I was younger, I had the dietary habits of Mario.

Relentless desire to save princess peach but not to marry though.

That's because I always wanted Zelda.

I even played Tetris on a helter-skelter.

Rocked dragon ball z yet never completed it.

Although sonic the hedgehog endlessly I repeated it.

King of the road like a hedgehog and traffic though I rarely speak of it.

Don't build walls al play rampage.

Or world of warcraft as a hunter, priest or mage.

I hailed my call of duty.

Played overload best not rebuke me.

Kingdom of fire.

And in harvest moon I did attire romance.

In gears of war in shadows I did prance.

In GTA I fought alongside Lance.

I played bubble bobble enhanced.

Bomber man and Pac woman.

In diablo 3 as a necromancer I did summon.

Mario's Snes through 64 I was a plummin.

As I got older, I played elder scrolls.

Without saving the princess god only knows

What kind of man I would have been?

In the sights of resident evil, I did scream.

Viva pinata was like a dream.

When it comes to halo you need your team.

Lone wolfs it would seem only suited to Altered Beast.

That's not Disney though kingdom of hearts is a sensory feast.

And bugs bunnies adventure a similar feat.

Tomb raider had a woman as a lead character that's neat.

Who ever forgets every boss and game they defeat?

And who can forget golden eye?

Or the day after tomorrow, guess that was nigh.

Or assassin's creed running upon rooftops high.

Or mirrors edge the girls get why.

There are many female characters in games of which to take pride.

Not just the princess for whom you literally died.

Alas the protagonist or the character at your side.

Time splitters and perfect dark.

Let's not forget a 'dogs life' and my mates bark.

Right now, you may think I'm scraping the barrel for more.

What about all the people that don't know his name but play jumpman for evermore.

What about the cut scenes in medal of honour that showed real footage of war?

The holocaust liberation, need I say more?

Of course, I need to all gamers would agree too.

Nazi zombies and BioShock!

Simba jumping on flamingos' heads and rocks.

Wallace and Gromit and the wrong trousers and socks.

And of course, the first dungeons and dragons


My mouth gaunt yet

No one but a 90's kid will get why that game begets so much praise.

2d yet it blazed the ways for many rpgs like mass affect, elder scrolls, WOW and many more....

What about the SNES classic Aladdin or the ps3 classic la noire!

Pokemon stadium

The castles in mine craft people made them.

And to think when video games first started they were just for the arcadium.

The point is video games are an Eldorado.

I can say I completed this or that and have some bravado.

But did I ever find and save my princess.

In the times of video game recess.

Well we didn't fall in love in fortnight...

Probably because I was too busy playing Star Wars jedi knight.

But in this game of life we are yet to fall out.

So princess look at the man you have...

Like Adi boo doing math

Or samurai warriors protecting the chaff.

Or saying no way to bowsers laugh.

Video games laid the path.

People usually who play video games seek the princess not a warpath.

So, that's why in your name this controller will release wrath!

This is the game!

Let's hit play together!

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