The Delta {Choose life II} When a River Dies
The Delta {Choose life II} When a River Dies poem stories

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Life is like river flowing from mountain to sea. The end the rivers estuary. A poem about life and death and why we must continue.

The Delta {Choose life II} When a River Dies

Life is like river flowing from mountain to sea.

The end the rivers estuary.

The mountain the source, where the river is born.

So, close to the heavens yet to worn.

The course of a river bends and turns.

Yet it meanders.

Always seeking the destination yonder.

Don't let your river dry up before it reaches the sea.

Don't end your life before you fulfil your destiny.

I attribute to thee that you could be a pleasant tributary.

Contributing to a world that is free.

Your course could intertwine with another.

Sometimes we need to choose life for the other.

Without the force of your current.

They may not be able to wash away the effluent the filth the abhorrent.

It could be that your lessons learnt through hardships and troubled waters is deposited like alluvial.

Alleviating the stress and confusion of another, deposited into the riverbank of another's fortitude.

And when you part your ways once more like a ox bow lake, you may never cross paths again.

Yet, thanks to you life will never be the same.

You can have impact on another before you meet the tide.

Please don't think of suicide.

We need the wisdom of your riverside.

To protect from the darkness of this Earths watershed.

Muddying the waters of the rivers that are pure.

And to dilute the sickness of the sewer.

Don't let the current drag you down.

You are needed here me when I make this sound.

Survivors of depression we need you around.

To help carve out a better world.

Like a waterfall let your resilience cascade upon the beaten rocks that is another.

Yet, do not fall.

We need you for the sake of all.

Be the beauty of the waterfall.

And if you feel alone like an ox bone lake.

A stagnant lonely water

Left behind when another river changed course.

It is living on that you must endorse.

Because new rivers are formed.

To once again return you to the meandering course of life.

To contribute to the trunk of humanity.

The destiny of humanity.

Because you can be a ripple in a pond and a force in the rivers motion.

All the way unto the ocean.

If, your laying on the bed alone.

Think of the riverbed and begin to roam.

How you can be an idea sown, into the river.

A stream of ideas is waiting to flow from you.

To be more than a drop in the ocean.

But to be a mouth.

For everything that has cause you to feel down.

So, when you hear the babbling brook.

Think of the darkness that once shook.

And spring from the darkness.

Life is like a river it has a course to fulfil.

So, when tears spill.

Remember you are needed for the land.

To shape a new world

For the Delta.

If, someone likes rivers and poetry maybe this will help contribute to them realising never giving up. Who ever you are, you are a river. Thanks for reading this river song!

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