Not Which Religion {Theism & Philosophy series} What Religion
Not Which Religion {Theism & Philosophy series} What Religion poem stories

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So, hypothetically speaking if theism you embrace as a prospect. Then if, there is so many religions all individually claiming to be correct. How can there be a clear answer?

Not Which Religion {Theism & Philosophy series} What Religion

So, hypothetically speaking if theism you embrace as a prospect.

Then if, there is so many religions all individually claiming to be correct.

Then is that merit to from theism to defect.

Or should we closely look at each one and inspect.

The classic dogma of schism nonetheless does not have to see our theism wrecked.

For there is a faith that allows you to follow all religions and has culture protected.

There is a religion that teaches that there are many manifestations of god to be respected.

Jesus, Krishna, Mohamed, The Buddha, Zoroaster, Bab, Bahaullah and more expected

That there are common universal truths to be detected.

That all these religions are one as God has attempted to have a gradual revelation directed.

And that insular and parochial divisive political power and geographical boundary means that has not yet been detected.

That throughout human civilisation god has been likened to a physician sending manifestations to have the woes of a generation corrected.

That we simply have to have certain sense of freedom in our perception and this thought can be elected.

That all religions are of the same universal and gradual revelation once we impartially see to have theology dissected.

Then there is the question of a religions ethical view this religion I speak of seeks to have no one subjected.

All are equal and a part of the human family we are citizens of the earth is what the prophet declared and so powerfully inflected.

The image of a unified world of equality is one that this religion seeks to have projected.

Now is the time for us to realise these ideals theist or ney in the age of which we are digitally connected.

We can realise the truth of this simply by historical and scientific evidence of how we are as humans so interconnected.

Furthermore, it teaches there is only one god that everyone prays to; its just this truth because of insular thinking remains undetected.

This means that the universal tenant in religion of an afterlife leaves no one dogmatically rejected.

That is there is a deep love and passion for them and that they are never for hell selected.

Or they are never victim to a terrible existence based on choice of religion when they are resurrected.

No religion and culture needeth be neglected.

They are still from the multicultural human family not unconnected.

No one will ever be left to feel as though they are a spectre.

There are no formal leaders such as priests, clergymen and rectors.

The oneness with god needs no intermediary it is you who spiritually can be collected.

Remember meetings can be held and speakers can rotate none elevated when selected.

No one to be made to feel less worthy and to have their opinion intercepted.

Equality never allowed to be defected.

If by these tenants, you are drawn in and mildly or powerfully affected...

Then I implore you to research Baha I

We are one nation under the celestial sky.

All religions have the universal truth of the most-high.

The messiah and your prophets from them you do not have to defy.

They are all accepted because they all came to see the grand revelation demystify.

The universal truths of theology are easy to see when we no longer have insular cries.

The fact we are one human family is easy to accept for anyone with open eyes.

The stratosphere is the real border we need to adjust our perceptions of the nation-state and revise.

Now is the time for humanity to unify and optimize their future time to go forth and digitize.

This is truly a religion that has no one or no culture ostracised.

Peace and a sense of happiness and spiritual fulfilment is every Baha I followers prize.

We are active and try to change the world and stave of the earth and humanities demise.

So never say that because there are so many religions it cannot be worth having a religion recognised.

And if its worth what you have learnt and so far, surmised.

Time to by the Bab, Bahaullah and Tahrir to be mesmerised.

Thank you for reading this. It means a great deal.

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