J.S. Mill - Can a Man be a Feminist {Philosophy series} Equalitarian Duty
J.S. Mill - Can a Man be a Feminist {Philosophy series}  Equalitarian Duty poem stories

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So, here goes another in the philosophy series. Last time we looked at an American, Rawls and his theories. Today we are going to look at J.S. Mill. I do not seek to offend. But imagine if we accepted men as a feminist? Or at least under Emma Watsons definition a inadvertent feminist.

J.S. Mill - Can a Man be a Feminist {Philosophy series} Equalitarian Duty

So, here goes another in the philosophy series.

Last time we looked at an American, Rawls and his theories.

On justice.

And you can trust this I will seek to write about philosophers from every continent.

And as it was international women's day not long ago we shall In honour of that continuance.

Look at J.S. Mills works on liberty and philosophical nuances.

The reason for his connection is that he was the first British man to for a women's right to vote have advocacy.

Few of us can say we are able to express something in entirety and with acute accuracy.

In this vein I would like to emphasise this is a broad introduction its not produced immaculately

Though I would like to say reading his work is worth it, it could benefit your soul spectacularly.

His three-core works are, The Subjugation of Women, The Theory on Liberty and Utilitarianism.

He believed utopia and absolute equality to be something achievable and a worthy vision.

He had mental health issues for a time and loved poetry and made liberty of peoples of earth his mission.

His thoughts have overlooked and overseen the great monumental changes in equality and their fruition.

He strived for slaveries abolition.

The right for homosexuals to love in their own volition.

For women to have an equal position.

His wife he loved and was always open to her tuition.

Liberty and a world of equality was his chief ambition.

He declared controversial to the time that a woman's mind is a perfect instrument.

He exclaimed that his wife Harriet Taylor was his editor and that he would often express her ideas.

When he exclaimed many of his views because of the archaic times he was met with jeers.

Yet, he endeavoured in the hope that everyone of 'liberty' would hear.

He argued that things like slavery and sexism/patriarchy are remnants of an archaic world.

That it was a hinderance on development and for the good of the future of earth equality should be unfurled.

If, you think he is a moron at this point for his view on equality I should tell thee he completed an undergraduate education at the age f 9.

There are not many people with such intelligence to walk this earth so fine.

He realised without the evidence we have today that we are all one people from one vine.

He recognised that unity was the chief and upmost beautiful sign.

Of human dignity.

Now that's enough of his history.

Lets, look at some concepts and dispel the mystery behind the exclamations of unity he made.

You see though he was in favour of liberty there was behaviours that he for bayed.

The concept of not hurting another was one that ultimately must be obeyed.

That utilitarianism was the pursuit of the greatest happiness for the greatest number.

We must be careful not to allow the tyranny of the majority to have this concept redundant to blunders.

In his work on Liberty essentially, he said that there are two kinds of freedom positive and negative freedom. But it's rather complex so with these notions and the harm principle I will attempt to in as few words as possible express...

That on the other we should never impede upon their freedom and right to life.

Unless they engage in aggregated murder then there can be an end put to their life.

For stopping another having their positive freedom to life a happy and content existence.

Notably in the UK it became that the death penalty would face desistance.

However he made an insistence that in the case of such aggregated murder should have the death penalties persistence.

Nonetheless everything else he said guaranteed freedom its just that if you take another's freedom then you deserve to die.

Also, controversially he said that education for all was not just a privilege to be given but a duty of the state and of the pupil to be dedicated unto.

So, if your freedom is having a damaging affect on someone else's choice and freedom it is forbidden.

An example would be if Romeo and Juliet are both consenting adults then there is no reason they should not be allowed to marry.

On an ethical moral level.

J.S. Mill was an advocate of free speech and helped consolidate that right in the west.

An advocate of equality perhaps as Emma Watson says an inadvertent feminist.

I wanted to share this watered-down taste of equality I hope you get the gist.

A man, a lover of poetry, a man who struggled with mental health, a child prodigy that became a man that helped form the constitution of his nation.

That wanted equality.

For everyone be it their race, their religion, their homosexual persuasion and their gender.

A mind powerful and tender.

A hero that maybe we can all rally around.

As we try to bring peace and equality to our earthly ground.

Earthborn I hope you enjoyed this philosophical steppingstone in the matrix of the logic for an equal society. It's never too late to release your hate.

Thanks for reading Earth born!

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