History and it's Spiritual Resonance - (Part of A kindle emagazine)
History and it's Spiritual Resonance - (Part of A kindle emagazine) history stories

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History and it's Spiritual Resonance - (Part of A kindle emagazine)

History and its spiritual resonance

The legends the myths the truth the spiritual wisdom. Many legends are based on true events such as Hercules and the lion. Not just these elements of history have a rewarding essence of feel.

Just to think of the hardship endured before the time of the streetlight or even the lamp.

The desolate dependence on agriculture before the times of fertilizers. The great monuments built that tower time from the pyramids to Stonehenge or the great wall.

Great cathedrals erected with great pious dignity and struggle in a time before modern amenities in building.

The sweat blood and tears that have gone into creating the world we have today, developments of time.

There is no doubt we have had millenniums of struggle to make the world a better place in terms of living standard and technological revolutions.

And within History is an attested faith in God. With Abrahamic religions boasting over 5000years. Even in the dark times there was the light of faith.

Historically religion manifests in many different ways and we can see a development of religion as well as the religion itself.

This is because we now live in an age where we can delve into knowledge. At will at a click of a button with decades of scientifically applied research.

A methodology that helps us to attain more of the truth on religion in history. There is a great amount of choice in learning of history as it has been now studied so succinctly.

We have now a better understanding in an academic sense of the lives of those in the past in the generations before than arguably at any other time.

We are able to theorise how they lived and wonder at what wisdoms their resilience gifted them.

Though one could say in a day to day life those 300 years ago did know more about hardship of living standard; than some do today. And would have a more holistic view of the generations before.

Though we can see into there very essence of the real life archaeologically and in documented history. One would add that the bible is in fact a History book.

Regardless of the glamour of miracle, the book is still an essence of the History of the times a spiritual book nonetheless. They say history is wrote by the winners.

The winner here is spiritual a book affirming the mercy and Love of the creator. And the events may still be true in a reserved rationalists mind.

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