Global Warnning -Dystopian Poem-
Global Warnning -Dystopian Poem- armageddon stories

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The Forest recedes as humanity bleeds the earth. Concrete towers and money that speaks and has super powers. Entry for the Dystopian contest. Based on my passion for environmental concerns sorry if its a bit horrific though it is dystopian.

Global Warnning -Dystopian Poem-

The Forest recedes as humanity bleeds the earth.

Concrete towers and money that speaks and has super powers.

No thoughts given to the earth as it withers no one even dithers

None with power though there are feint cries if for them there would be reprise.

Time goes by and careless environmental policies apply.

For too long had humanity taken a free ride. Reckless consumption and no pride.

The forest wares thin the quest for human housing on a whim.

Both timber and land. Humanity would take but not give back with the other hand.

The society of earth begins to crumble as the oxygen wares thin and lungs rumble.

The climate is in disarray the carbon dioxide won’t go away.

The light of the sun burning through the lens of the ozone turning the earth to heat

The last remaining forest are claimed in defeat despite the human endeavour.

Now the last remaining few scattered across the earth are humble and nestled close against the earth.

Grasping for air from the few blades of grass that there left on the baron earth.

Some have green houses and are boiling in the summer scene yet unable to leave their solitary enclosure. Whilst others scream.

The oxygen oh so low the carbon dioxide starts to grow no trees to replenish the oxygen the ozone layer begins to show great wounds in its blanket.

The air begins to vanish. The earth completely famished. Tearing winds whip up the land as the ozone layer collapses and people scream as their synapses collapse as gravity retracts.

Bodies alive yet not intact.

Glass shatters and those safe are victim to the insidious death of the cessation of the ozone. The sensation of insides like the ocean until all the earths bodies are without motion.

Nothing left on this baron rock molten block humanity respected not the rock they lived

For the carelessness of the environment we may never forgive

The earth is done with us and would spit us out and reclaim its autonomy

Said the last person on mars year 2230.

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