Covid 19 - Corona - (Medical History series) It's not a Bubonic Plague
Covid 19 - Corona - (Medical History series) It's not a Bubonic Plague poem stories

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The bubonic plague - A Historical perception of diseases and Covid 19 First and foremostly I want to say its not time to panic at this stage. I hope this helps you calm.

Covid 19 - Corona - (Medical History series) It's not a Bubonic Plague

The bubonic plague - A Historical perception of diseases and Covid 19

First and foremostly I want to say its not time to panic at this stage.

I am not devaluing the danger the current pandemic has for people of elderly age.

Although, it's important we get context from the history of medicine and turn the journal pages.

It's better that we catch the diseases now than if it mutates in isolation; please keep reading if this enrages.

We now live in a globalised age that is the world is interconnected.

Therefore, disease is something that is expected.

Additionally, the diseases that have spread already a certain degree of immunity has been collected.

Before you think from reason that I have defected.

I realise that to Covid 19 we have no immunity; however, we do have a resistance to the previous forms of Covid-19 before mutation.

Thanks to the interconnected world of globalisation.

It would be significantly worse if this covid 19 was left to develop in isolation

Hypothetically, If, it was Covid 23 and the last Covid you had was covid 16 then its more likely you would face a serious health degradation.

So, we need to see fear face cessation.

And carefully make diligent preparation to delay the outbreak reaching it's peak.

That doesn't mean we should go and bulk buy everything in reach.

It means we need altruism and kindness to be beseeched.

We need to help each other out and obviously be careful of the contagion about.

Hysteria can be a dangerous phenomenon too, so from history lets get some perspective and clout.

The first pandemic of the bubonic plague was in the stone age that's what archaeologists have found.

So, we only know it happened not where it began, and we know this form digging in the ground.

What I am saying is like all illness' there is no people to blame for its beginning so cease hateful sounds.

Disease are a natural phenomenon that due to our common genetic makeup spread around.

So, no racist or nation-state hating is allowed.

Nor are the beatings of minorities by ignorant crowds.

Nor mention of biological warfare.

Cause disease is a natural element of life to be fair.

So essentially instead of spouting hate you will wash your hands if you really care.

You will share the food that you have spare.

Ensure that people have their normal medications available and there.

In this pandemic lets even if hysteria is here; ensure kindness is not rare.

This Covid 19 it is estimated has a 4percent death rate this is reinforced by the fact some are not symptomatic.

What will kill more is panic.

We need to prepare for when it is climatic.

We need to stay calm and not be dramatic.

And so bubonic plague swept the world again in the ancient roman times.

The Justinian plague it is thought began in Constantinople and spread from that epicentre to the entire world.

Killing an estimated 25-50% precisely because the world was not globalised, and the disease was able to mutate in isolation.

We need fear to be victim to emancipation.

Not to mention we now have such fantastic medical innovation.

You see now as we move into a new era we are safer because we are exposed to the earlier forms of a disease.

And we have so many great medicines and treatment methods that this pandemic will be a breeze.

Compared to the ones of the past but alas if we allow hysteria to overwhelm us.

Then we will fall into chaos and be swept away in one gust.

Panic must be hushed.

The Second pandemic of the bubonic plague the path of globalisation was destroyed by the Mongol empire. That is people were no longer freely able to travel the silk road.

And so the bubonic plague mutated in its new abode.

In isolation.

Until it returned to Europe and released its devastation.

Again its death toll much higher, significantly higher than the covid 19.

The bubonic plague truly was frightening.

This time it originated in china before racism starts inciting.

Remember that it started in the stone age and then in Europe and was given to them.

The reason China can be a hot bed is the population is so large and always has been.

There is no reason on earth to blame a people no matter how vivid someone's rhetoric may seem.

Disease circles the earth over all the millennia of human existence mutating and transforming into something new.

We simply must be as calm and diligent as possible as the disease ensues.

And remember now we have the scientific knowledge that we have accrued.

I mean by goodness the bubonic plague if only you knew.

The methods they would use to try and have a person's health renewed.

Now we have empirical sophisticated medical treatment.

The third world has be given a massive donation by the world bank they are the ones that will be most affected by death.

So, the first world citizens should take a deep breath and refuse to allow hysteria to take hold.

Because yes, this disease is worse than the flu or the common cold.

But we now have medical knowledge that we hold.

We can now do the instructions that we are told.

Wash our hands, self-isolate when necessary and ultimately don't flipping panic.

Because hysteria will only make things worse.

In history a pandemic has two objects of its curse.

The cause and hysteria.

If your scared I do hear you.

We are going to lose loved ones and it's a devastating truth.

Optimistically this disease is less effective on the youth.

Don't let kindness be aloof.

See that we need to stand united.

We need to stop people inciting panic and quell the hysteria that has been ignited.

And forgive those people who have been short sighted.

And so, the third pandemic in the early 1900's of the bubonic plague.

That too killed with an unprecedented rage.

What I am saying is revel in the sanctuary of science and the safety of the modern age.

There are many treatments that with this disease we can engage.

Even if there is no vaccine.

We can still revel in our modern age of science that is sophisticated and clean.

This is not a nightmare disease like the bubonic plague nor is it a fluffy dream.

But it is certainly no reason to panic and scream.

Nor to allow our behaviour to be reduced to something obscene.

We must work together as one world as a team.

To get through this period of time.

And even if you don't have any recognisable signs.

Wash your god damn hands!

Because that is the fundamental prevention method.

Now revel in modern science the sanctuary of the modern epoch.

And share all that you have overstocked.

Stop letting hysteria have society rocked.

And yes stocks have dropped.

We have beat the recession before.

Ultimately this disease is not as bad as the bubonic plague, Ebola or small poxes.

It is essentially has the demeanour of chicken pox.

Keep your elderly safe and healthy

And get ready to acquire your immunity.

Because in this modern era we have a level of impunity.

Medical science is marvellous and amazing.

So, instead of panic we should be praising our good fortune.

Not allowing fear and disorder to rain like a monsoon.

Be calm, be patient, eat healthy, isolate when necessary and wash your hands.

These are simple requirements to stave of this pandemic in our land.

This disease is inevitable, but capitalism is never planned.

It works on supply and demand.

So, be patient.

Share what you have in your hand.

And wait for the disease to do what all disease do give immunity to all the land.

Because the people who need medical assistance are the elderly not you!

this disease is not entirely new.

So, think carefully what you say and what you do.

Because pandemics have two fundamental issues:

Hysteria and the actual cause!

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