Civilisation IIX {Established History} Enlightenment - Darker than the Dark Ages.
Civilisation IIX {Established History} Enlightenment - Darker than the Dark Ages. poem stories

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We enter into a darker age than the dark ages from an ethical stance. So, as you turn the pages and together at history we glance was the enlightenment period really the way we envisage it?

Civilisation IIX {Established History} Enlightenment - Darker than the Dark Ages.

We enter into a darker age than the dark ages from an ethical stance.

So, as you turn the pages and together at history we glance.

On both negativity and positivity, we will enhance.

Spanish bows to Portugal and Portugal lays claim to brazil.

Guru Nanak begins to teach his peaceful message and the notion of one god instils.

1501 Michelangelo begins sculpting his sculpture of David the classic renaissance works.

1502 the first recorded African slaves are from their homeland usurped and brought to 'the new world'.

1503 DaVinci begins the mona Lisa painting.

Spain defeats France in a significant battle the first to be won by firearms, sword and shield feinting.

1504 Isabelle the 1st dies after her struggle to acquire the throne with the aid of Ferdinand and ergo uniting the Spanish land in the years before.

Joanna and Phillip of Flanders now roar into rulership.

1506 King Afonso wins the battles in the Kongo and makes Catholicism the predominant faith.

Then no longer were the secret Jews in Spain and Portugal safe. The Lisbon riots resulted in them being victim to the wrath a total of 2000 were murdered in a malevolent bloodbath.

1507 the Taino indigenous tribes of the Caribbean are ransacked by the plague of smallpox. from the Caribbean docks the plague sweeps into the new world.

Disease and death unfurl as none have an immunity.

1508 Michelangelo begins his 4-year journey to paint the Sistine chapel.

1509 great plague hits England.

The Portuguese grapple control of the spice trade in India and begin to dominate the trade.

In the ample years that follow Portugal conquers Goa and Malacca. The empires in India officially made.

Copernicus in 1512 is allowed to publish a paper that designates that the sun is the centre of the solar system. A restoration of thinking that originated in the Egyptian times.

Henry the eighth consolidates power over the French and the Scottish and begins to heavy dine.

The ottoman empire at this time far from benign begins to conquer north Africa the empires of Europe pine.

1517 Martin Luther post his 95 Theses in Saxony the protestant reformation takes great strides.

Henry the eighth listens and for reasons ostensibly snide he soon adopts this to get a new wife. And to end the dominion of the pope over his island unleashing great strife over the Catholics.

This would happen some 12 years later.

In 1519 the first recorded sale of firearms for national suppression is done by the Portuguese and Yangming of China puts down a rebellion with ease.

Magellan and Elcano leaves Europe and circumnavigates the globe the era of flat earth theory dies.

Europeans grows significantly more wise with this knowledge and the contribution of Copernicus.

1524 The German peasants revolt begins challenging serfdom from within.

The Mughal empire rises in India, the Indonesian empire consolidates and keeps the Spanish and Portuguese at bay.

The Majapahit a Buddhist Hindu empire has its last day in south east Asia the amalgamation of the nations ends.

Imam Ahmad Gragn of the ottomans lays waste to the Ethiopian empire and sends a message to the nations of Africa that Islam will be attired.

Then 1531-2 England aspires to be protestant. Henry the eighths forces sack the catholic churches and he becomes the dominant ruler of the church of England.

The Inca Civil war between two brothers begins, the Spanish care not for who is going to win and decisively take advantage of the quarrel.

And the Inca independence dims as the Spanish consolidate their empire in the new world.

1537 The Portuguese began the holy office and a persecution of non-Catholics reigned in their empire until 1821.

All hope for the non-Catholics in the Portuguese empire was gone.

Elsewhere in England William Tyndale translates some of the crucial elements of the Bible and the foundation of the King James version is laid.

The Spanish & Portuguese raid the new word founding Argentina, Colombia Brazil and more.

1543 the Portuguese aid the Ethiopians and push back the ottomans for the Christian cause.

1544 Copernicus publishing is allowed to reach a wide audience despite the wars.

Although the enlightenment is largely a rich man's game, the life of many Europeans remains the same.

1547 Charles V defeats the Schmalkaldik league in Central Europe nonetheless Protestantism is entrenched in the sub-continent.

Charles V follows suit of Portugal and begins horrendous treatment of non-Catholics. So, is the ill repute.

Ivan the terrible becomes the first Tsar of Russia.

1548 the Battle of Uedahara in Japan the first firearms are used and the chaos they usher begins.

The Songhai empire in Africa grows stronger. Though Native African dominance would not last much longer. Yet the notion of public libraries ascends a culture of wisdom and literacy soon ends.

1551 A group of native north Africans take slaves of the people in Malta. Slavery on racial lines was yet to be exalted. Between 5000 to 6000 were transported to the Libyan state.

Russia expands at a great rate.

The roman inquisition takes place the pope advocates punishment for all non-Catholics particularly witches and women are put to death.

Paganism takes its last breath in Europe. And a wave of censorship takes hold.

Apocrypha, science and many other elements of literature are banned.

Yet the art of war or ore metal and sand is widely distributed the journal De Re Metallica is widely spread the new era of mining is then wed within the European nation states.

1557 the ottomans conquer Ethiopia and they are cut off from the world for a long spate.

Elizabeth the 1st ascends to the throne after a long time of being chilled to the bone locked away in the tower. The nation turns slightly a sour as a female is set to remain in power.

She does not in the sights of this patriarchy cower.

1563 20,000 people die of the plague in England many more throughout the sub-continent perish.

Nonetheless historians relish that under the rule of Elizabeth it was a period of great renaissance.

1566 the eighty years war between the Netherlands and Spain begins.

1568 in Transylvania Freedom of religion is an edict, liberties win.

1570 Pope Pius V decrees that Men are supreme and a women as a ruler is not acceptable and excommunicates anyone who would allow a woman to rule over them.

In 1572 the Spanish condemn the last Inca ruler to death.

In 1573 the Spanish destroy Haarlem in the Netherlands in a gross massacre.

In 1574 the Dutch protestants take some ground back across the Netherlands.

We can see how the people of religious freedom and the protestants were hand in hand.

As in this era the holy roman emperor and the popes make genocidal demands. Corruption across the southern Europe land.

Though we must not have these peoples to face reprimand the lesson of this story is one that is grand.

As, women died, and patriarchy began to consolidate and preside as the old religion was burnt at the stake and Protestantism spread far and wide.

A new sense of unity began to form for the common human. Serfdom was soon to end as Protestantism would lend to an autonomous connection with God and therefore freedom was deserved.

'Regnans in excelsis' was part of a direct attempt to instil the dominance of the male half of the species and a consolidation of Catholicism.

The pope also made a crucial decision to instigate the inquisition across the land.

It was a brand of wrath that whisked away many women. As the wars had taken so much toll on the male population that it led to women leading communities across the European nations.

This revival of equality faced cessation at the hands of the inquisition.

Next time we start at the speech of Tilbury a speech that echoes across Europe amongst the protestant people.

A speech that would be the beginning of Female rights in England and later the imperial empire.

We finish circa 1575 The decade when the divine rule of kings died.

Soon even monarchy would be subordinate but still preside are democracy as we know it would begin to reside.

Earth Born Conceived in stars. Born in Africa. Raised in the Cradle of Civilisation. Made mongrels by the Mongols. The Age of Enlightenment shadowed by darkness

We are one people Earth born.

Thanks for reading.

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