Civilisation IIV {Established History} Bloodlines unified by War (first edit)
Civilisation IIV {Established History} Bloodlines unified by War (first edit) poetry stories

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Civilisation IIV delving into the ancient history of the world.
We can see how we are unified and how heritage is for us all.

Civilisation IIV {Established History} Bloodlines unified by War (first edit)

Civilisation IIV Building nations

We are so much more than an animal we all stem from our common heritage as social primates.

776BC the first Olympics is held an alternative to war between the Greek island states.

A dedication to Zeus and the gods, think of the unity it advocates.

Assyria and the Median rise as Empires.

In 722 in China the Spring and Autumn period and the Hundred Schools of thought begin to attire.

Philosophy and human reason flourishes and begin to transpire.

The ascension of the first Japanese emperor Jimmu there was no emperor prior.

In the middle east the Persian empire rises, and the Assyrian empire is in ruin and fires.

Then in south India the Pandyan empire rises the ancient Greeks envious of the poetry they sire.

In Mexico the first identifiable fully pledged writing system is adorned.

The Sao Civilisation in central Africa begins only since the modern times has it been mourned.

The African people have a rich civilised history why have we not been warned?

In 563 Siddhartha Gautama is Born in India that is the founder of Buddhism is born

Racialisation of the years has seen the true image of the buddha to be from reality torn.

Then soon after Confucius walks the earth and his philosophy of order allows chaos to be scorn.

This is not the only spiritual innovation of the time Jainism is also in India sees its first dawn.

In the middle east Cyrus rises to leadership of the Persians and creates the first recorded form of human rights.

The Jews are liberated from the Babylonian captives and retain their position as Israelites.

King Cyrus is the only anointed one that doesn't follow Abrahamic religion; accordingly as the bible cites.

Then Cyrus dies and other leaders follow Persia has the whole world in its sights.

Trade exists and the silk road extends beyond the Persian empire we know this by archaeological sites.

This is the beginning of globalisation during the age of civilisation and there is dissemination; the unified notion of history it highlights.

In Rome the last king dies and hereditary rule ends as the king sees his funeral rites.

Then in Greece emancipation people's rule is born and democracy ignites!

Pingala begins the work on a binary numerical system that includes zero.

The notions travel the silk road to reach the Greeks that are often incorrectly valued as maths heroes.

The Persians rulers now corrupt and evil and instilling hysteria the Greeks without fear though.

And at the Battle of Marathon the Greeks a free people with democracy have victory to show.

Both the buddha and Confucius die in succession.

Socrates comes to life and sees western philosophy rise and ethical questions see ascension.

The Greco-Persian war ends in 449BC the building of the Parthenon deserves a mention.

The veneration of Athena the female deity there is something to learn from this convention.

That is that in ancient times there was to some extent more equality that has seen its suspension.

All we have to do is look deep into history with a lens free and we can begin to see with comprehension.

Though there was still slavery and bondage it was not on racial lines democratic rights did not to these people see extension.

The Peloponnesian war reigned from 431BC to 404BC eventually the Greeks unified as the First democratic nation state.

During this time Plato entered the realm of life state. He learnt and Socrates died.

Then next the legend that is Aristotle joined Plato's side.

Then what happened next will if you didn't know will blow your mind wide.

For the union of history and peoples will never subside.

And we should not focus on the blood shed but try to see human pride.

Alexander the Great under Aristotle's tutelage would into India stride.

Clashing with men and some submitted without a fight bringing the image of democracy and equality.

Carrying it on the silk road incurring victories over every polity.

He did not extend his reach to China yet like the ideas of Buddhism would reach their door.

So, would some of the Greek ideas have dissemination and implore.

The battle of Hydaspes river in India is a marker of how interconnected the ancient world was.

How the concept of democracy can have a people enraptured and fight for a leader and cause.

How tyrants were overthrown, and people released from despotic jaws.

Though it was short lived alexander was assassinated in Babylon and with him the dream of a unified world gone.

But in the process peoples mixed all along the silk road people migrated and married and made families.

And these people would even cross into the Andes.

The great sea fairing peoples of Greece and Egypt had extensive trade routes.

If you seek to refute.

Then I ask you to pay attention to the mummified corpses that in them have cocaine.

A produce that was only able to me made in the Americas use your brain.

Drugs are bad but it tells us something amazing all the same.

That ancient history was a globalised world.

In fact, in the north of America the Norse through the routes of Iceland had settlements unfurl.

India approaches unification yet in this period doesn't achieve it.

China in 221BC achieves unification under Qin Shi Huang's wit.

The great wall begins to be constructed from stone and grit.

Paper is invented in China no longer upon scrolls is writing writ.

The silk road finally a formalised trade route the lanterns are lit.

In Europe...

The battle of Corinth takes place and soon after the Greeks lose all faith.

No longer is the Greek ideal of empire and democracy safe.

The romans ascend to take their place as the chieftains of Europe in 146BC.

Then they enter Gaul to revive civilisation in a land that descended into tribalism with their decrees.

See the wood from the trees.

If you were here for civilisation 2 you would see there was once an empire civilised that did be.

By the time of Rome, they had descended into tribal anarchy, ostensibly.

China begins its domination of Vietnam.

All across earth humans now interchange ideas along with goods and scram.

Africanus the Elder defeats hanibal in gaul the Germanic celts fall.

Rome rules and stands tall setting sites for the British isles.

And into the east

Julius Caesar and the rivers of Rubicon.

Marcus Brutus and the ruler Caesar gone.

The Republic ends and the empire begins.

Democracy once again begins to win.

30BC Egypt is conquered and the great pharaoh Queen cleopatra secedes to Rome.

Then in 18BC the Temple of Jerusalem was rebuilt for misgivings that they wished to atone.

Then the ones Christians call god in flesh and bone.

Was born in a stable long before Rome was even able to reach the shores of Britain.

The romans would face much German resistance

And suffer their greatest loss in Teutoburg forest.

The Celts dance the Morris.

I hope you can see or have saw this.

The links of peoples in history how nations are one should not be a mystery now.

How in the warring world of nations not only did people bow.

But they exchanged goods, ideas and settled among one another in union and vow.

As the age of the plough brought about great empires.

In the bloodshed a certain level of unifying was sired.

This is our world heritage.

Globalised from the dawn of time.

Though on warfare in ancient history we did dine.

Unification after the wars and resettlement had seen unity enshrine.

Do not let your mind confine; we are certainly one species with one bloodline.

The notions that are alive.

When we strive to see one world history.

Earth Born Earth bound. Unity should be our sound. Now in the digital age the journey of silk road is made in a second. It is time unity and peace is beckoned!

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