Civilisation II {Established History} The Birth of Nations (first edit)
Civilisation II {Established History} The Birth of Nations (first edit) poem stories

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The cradle of civilisation began to nurture humanity. A message about how we are all one people a journey through ancient history.

Civilisation II {Established History} The Birth of Nations (first edit)

The cradle of civilisation began to nurture humanity.

The cradle of human civilisation is the levant, modern day Iraq and Iran.

The war in the middle east is a profanity.

To not pay respect to civilisations home is an insanity.

Once we see the full picture or our shared history in its totality.

Sumerian epicentre of civilisation the cradle.

From here humanity and the 1st agricultural revolution was ready and able...

To disseminate

That is that humans learnt how to till and create farms.

And shared with there nomadic brethren to alleviate their qualms.

With kindness they gave them seeds and wisdom nestled in their palms.

Writing began soon after Egypt the next civilisation did rise.

I guess for some that is a surprise.

Although Egypt would create wonders of the eyes.

That for the legacy of human struggle would never see their demise.

Egypt began using hieroglyphs.

And creating astronomical myths of their divinity.

Yet in the Sumerian vicinity.

Strangely enough they're were the tales of Sumerian not unlike the Semite bible.

All the civilisations

Attempting to bolster the concept of a nation.

Under the ideas of creation.

The Egyptians invoking notions of their links with the stars and planets.

The Sumerians having great legendary kings that worked the will of the creator.

In 3150BC the first Egyptian dynasty began

And then in 3000BC Stonehenge in England

The first known use of papyrus in Egypt no longer would we paint on walls.

This is truly the time that humanity began to stand tall.

If, you don't believe me just think about how those architectural geniuses made pyramids that still hath not fall.

Those slaves did a good job, to emphasise that humanity have an inner strength

They went to great lengths to emphasise history is monumental.

And what is certainly notable and seminal is that not all the pyramids were built on the backs of slavery prior to the time of Moses the pyramids were a voluntary expedition of creation.

People were paid stipends and fed, and they wanted to honour their dead.

Then in 2800 there was Kit Dijin in the indus valley modern day Pakistan.

See how agriculture ripple out by the farmers hand.

From the cradle and beyond.

From our interconnectivity we cannot abscond.

Although hitherto this is a time when nations are no longer one.

Culture grows aside the boundaries that are built along the fences of the farmlands.

Although think of what the internet beckons and what we as a species can demand.

Anyway, to return to the tale of the distant sands.

The Longshan culture began in China.

The Minoan culture the heart of ancient Greece rises to a phenomenal population of 80 000.

The old kingdom of Egypt begins and from hitherto their pyramids stand firm in the sand.

The first written story is published the epic of Gilgamesh in the Sumerian land.

In 2600BC the oldest forms of writing that survive hitherto (from then to now)

The creation story and the tale of a great flood and songs of praise to a creator.

The Semitic bible would be written further away and much later.

With different names yet a semblance of something of the same.

To not notice the interconnectivity of the worlds religions at this time would be a shame.

To not know that dissemination reigned.

A planet connected by trade routes and nomadic travel routes as old as human time.

Seeds of plants and seeds of ideas transported and heard on the grape vine.

Then in Mexico the Maya civilisation rises up a new world it is not.

Or did you not know, or have you forgot.

In the dead of winter Alaska and Russia is a walkable expedition.

Interconnectivity of humanity is a fact not a decision.

Not to mention the sea fairing Norse who settled in the North.

Mature Harrapan begins in India and with-it Hinduism is transcribed in Sanskrit.

King Khufu completes the great pyramids of giza.

Great Black African tribes form great kingdoms of civilisation.

The nations of the Punt and Nubia.

The Akkad empire is born and with it the Christian, Judaic and Islamic Bible too.

In the northern hemisphere the last remnants of the ice age die.

The woolly mammoth then finally for the last time closes its eyes.

Then at around 2300bc a process of aridification swept the globe.

Arid land due to a wave of global warming had various areas enrobed.

Plants were no longer as easily sowed, and the deserts began to grow.

Droughts as rivers dried and no longer flowed.

The death of great empires all around.

Yet the stone circle of stone henge was completed upon the island ground.

Not many know what is was to teach and bestow.

The circle the sign of druid's equality perhaps made in defiance of the Egyptian polity.

To remind us all of equality there is no head of a circle its circumference eternal.

Peoples fled or died of great famine civilisations and nations compiled and amalgamated.

Once again humanity innovated its interconnectivity.

1900BC the Erlitou Culture emerged in china opposite the coast of Japan.

Civilisation spreading across all the lands.

In 1800 BC in the cradle and Egypt the alphabet first surfaced.

The code of Hamman Umbi is written in 1780BC our first laws of civilisation.

Though they set workers rights and dignity it was for only those who had emancipation.

The law of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth became the sensation.


Pakistan ends its reign as the heart land of the Indus valley.

Punjab now is the heartland of the Indus people.

The Minoans of Crete are victim to the volcano eruption that excretes destruction upon them

They move to the mainland and Athens begins its ascension.

1600bc and the Shang Dynasty creates a writing system that can be called so in every dimension.

The purification of water also needs to be mentioned. And the Female Emperor needs careful attention.

1500 bc The oldest hymn the Rigveda is completed in India, awaking a worship form unto the great Brahman the one true god of Moksha.

In 1400 BC the first lyrics are connected with the first written music in Syria. Once again the Cradle of civilisation gives birth to a great creation that is then a product of dissemination.


Yet, now we let our brethren hear the sound of bombs and destruction. We need to realise our civilisation was all one upon instruction of leaving the cradle of civilisation.

Before we as a species are responsible for our own disintegration.

Civilisations flourished on every continent.

Connected still by old nomadic routes.

And now they formed great trade routes.

In 1100BC metallurgy of Iron is disseminated across the earth.

The age of war truly begins!

And so, in Africa the kingdom of Nok ascends.

And to the will of David Israel bows and bends.

The Greek states rise, and the odysseys rend.

Nations build war and bloodless interconnectivity ends!

The ancient period through exchanges of seed had us all hemmed.

Now the age of Iron did rise and with it a hunger for dominion in the eyes of kings!

Of course, there was skirmishes in the time before iron was in use.

But now the carnage of war and division of civilisation was truly let loose.

Remember the cradle of civilisation the power of dissemination.

Now with the advent and creation of the internet.

You have great power, join the call let the digital age see

Us united as we once were!

Think of the peace we have in our grasp and what next can occur.

Civilisation II, complete circa 800BC!

Next is classical antiquity.

Thanks for going on this journey with me...

Salutations sibling of civilisation. Born from Africa, raised in the cradle of civilisation and conceived in the Stars!

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