Blind in Ignorance - (True history) {Religion series}
Blind in Ignorance - (True history) {Religion series} poem stories

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Semite Hey there Christian.
Contentious another marmite spoken word poem. It is not my intention to offend. I want to help open your mind or sing with the choir!

Blind in Ignorance - (True history) {Religion series}


Hey there Christian.

There is something I must insist on.

You open your blinkered eyes and have some vision.

Believe me or not it doesn't matter on your decision.

The truth remains; Muhammad heard the mission.

He references the life of Jesus in the Quran.

Teaches of Jesus message of which to save the damned.

Though the parameters of the tale of his death are different.

The message, ethos and mantra of God is similar it's ok if you were ignorant.

From Adam and Eve the line of the prophets is all the same

So, too the tales and fables like the arc and the endless rain.

At, this point if you have your blinkers on still, your denial knows no reins.

And your going to have to start racking your brain.

And al tell you now oh atheist sceptic, you should begin to see that politics is what cause the world at war to never wane.

You see Islam, Christianity and Judaism though different the genesis is the same.

The tree of wisdom, the temptation, ignoring gods decree.

So, you need not wonder why all 3 peoples settle by the dead sea.

So, now do you realise that you can't let your ignorance be.

And, yes there are theological things of which these group cannot agree.

Yet, fundamentally.

They are sister ideologies.

So, at this point if you've been call me a heathen you should realise I am owed an apology.

Or needeth we continue on this journey.

Don't burn the cross nor burn me at the stake.

As, we were all made from clay.

It was our shared God who separated the night from the day.

It was our shared prophet Mosses who freed us and paved the way.

Through the desert and heard the call upon the mountain.

Are you still doubting?

Then read flipping history book for once... or use a search engine.

I shouldn't have to recite and mention, everything from the holy book.

To make you realise what you have mistook.

Muslim, Christian and Jews we are one nation under God.

And when it comes to creation, we are all one opposed to those who revel in sin like the city of sod.

Even a Buddhist shares theological underpinnings that would make you grin.

So, if you ever want to honour him.

Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Then when you meet a Muslim or a Jew you'd better play nice.

Cause if you were blind like paul

Now is the time to stand

Now is the time to stand. Tall

And if by this time you have not realised Jesus was a Jew

Then flip it I'm done talking with you!

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