Battle Only Yourself {Collab}
Battle Only Yourself  {Collab} optimism stories
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A collab with @Jaykell on the challenges we face in life and how we must see a greater optimism.

Battle Only Yourself {Collab}

The journey of life is a walk with many miles.

Along the way we smile and cry through the valley of trials.

Even in the face of grief, sadness, darkness, And disbelief.

Buckle down and walk one foot in front of the other.

With strength and guidance let wisdom guard your heart.

Thwarted victories from the start yet simple and small achievements.

On the journey we see new life and saddening bereavements.

Even in the face of joy, euphoria, light and belief.

Grapple your conscience and have it to be a balancing force.

With the course that you take let altruism navigate your heart.

Only strength can lift the invincible weight of fear.

Look in the mirror, the enemy is yourself closer than it appears.

To fight the good fight; grab your armour stand firm in the light.

Learn from the past you now with wisdom you see from a new view.

Through tribulation we build endurance to run the length of any situation.

And by the means of this worlds degradation we find our self-actualisation.

For all the victories and failings that have ensued, and the smiles accrued.

Then we should know our endurance and trials teach us a greater truth.

They set us apart from our ego and make desolation refuted.

Then we have a greater sight that the horizon may be both a start and end, never an endless night!

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