Adam & Eve- All our Ancestors desire
Adam & Eve- All our Ancestors desire poem stories

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Today In history the epic poem on Adam and eve was wrote in the seventeenth century. This is a tribute. The original was wrote by John Milton this is by no means as good.

Adam & Eve- All our Ancestors desire

Today In history the epic poem on Adam and eve was wrote in the seventeenth century.

This is a tribute.

On the sixth day the creator envisaged the image of Adam.

Said to be in the image of the creator there in he had them.

And so, delved into the clay to make the first human.

No beast of land, ocean and air could make a worthy companion.

So soon god began to think and of Eve fathom.

And from a rib the woman was formed and so named.

Naked and in union they had no modesty engrained.

In a splendorous garden they lived and prayed.

They were told not to eat upon a certain tree.

This was the firm and only one of the creator's decree.

For this fruit would set morality into the mind free.

A knowledge of good and evil would set to be.

The snake slithered and beguiled her to trick he.

The shared guilt in volition is clear to see.

They were then victim to their modesty.

They covered their nakedness with leaves.

And hid in the garden when god walked in the cool of the day.

He called them out of the trees and cast them away.

Out of the garden for they had from the decree gone astray.

They were stripped of their life of luxury and forced to labour some existence.

To till the earth and raise the livestock this was gods insistence.

All the while the knowledge of good and evil flooded their minds without desistence.

A tirade of morality, knowledge of good and bad plagued them.

As in gods eyes they were victim to be condemned.

They birthed their children and lived through one murdering another.

The first ever set of brothers.

Many more generations came to be 700 years roughly Adam was living.

Always looking to god hoping to be forgiven.

Knowing the plague of labour and ill happenings to come.

Always seeking salvation for what they had both done.

Their lives begging in luxury with a forecast of joy.

Although near death they new it was misery to befall their kin, for their ploy.

Always wishing that with the snake they had never toyed.

For hope for humanity for millennia was destroyed.

Their eyes set down upon us every day hoping for an end to their inflicted misery.

In their descendant Noah maketh a redemption of mankind.

And from the mother Mary came the saviour of all our kind.

Still they watch in wonder, disgust and sometimes delight.

As humanity seeks gods favour and an end to endless night.

Adam and Eve our shared ancestors look upon all their kin.

Even as the light of hope begins to dim.

They feel a guilt deep within.

For the path they have brought upon us all.

Volition and free will was born when humanity had its fall.

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